Assessment of the quality of life of school-age children with asthma and sensitization to cat allergens




cat allergens, asthma, children, therapy, quality of life


Background. The medical and social significance of asthma is emphasized by the impact on various aspects of children's lives — physical, emotional, social, educational. The aim of the study: to assess the quality of life of school-age children with asthma and sensitization to cat allergens in the dynamics of treatment. Materials and methods. The study included 128 children aged 6–17 years with asthma and sensitization to cat allergens. A mini-Pediatric Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire (MiniPAQLQ) was used. Results. All patients have a decrease in quality of life, both overall and in the assessment of symptoms, emotional function and activity. Overall quality of life is inversely correlated with the severity of asthma. There was a statistically significant diffe­rence between the overall quality of life after 12 months of treatment in children who received allergen-specific immunotherapy on the background of basic therapy and in children who received only basic therapy in favor of allergen-specific immunotherapy. The same dynamics is indicated according to symptoms, emotional function and activity. A direct correlation between overall quality of life and allergen-specific immunotherapy has been shown. Conclusions. In schoolchildren with asthma and sensitization to cat allergens, there is a decrease in quality of life. Against the background of basic therapy, their positive dynamics is observed, which is statistically significant, except for the assessment of symptoms in children with severe asthma. The inclusion of allergen-specific immunotherapy in the complex treatment of school-age children with asthma and sensitization to cat allergens to improve the quality of life of patients is justified.


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