Structure of sensitization and clinical course of asthma in school-age children sensitized to cat allergens




cat allergens, bronchial asthma, children, sensitization


Background. Asthma is an actual problem of modern pediatrics, and allergy to cats is important in its development. The study was aimed to investigate the structure of sensitization and features of the clinical course of asthma in school-age children sensitized to cat allergens. Materials and methods. The results of a study of 430 children aged 6–17 years with sensitization to cat allergens were analyzed. Results. Sensitization to Fel d 1 was detected in 96.05 % of patients, Fel d 2 — in 6.74 %, Fel d 4 — in 21.63 %, Fel d 7 — in 25.81 %. Sensitization to one of the allergens of cats prevailed, among the combinations — a combination of Fel d 1 and Fel d 7. Concomitant sensitization to pollen, dogs, house dust mites, food, etc. is also shown. There is a strong correlation between sensitization to Fel d 7 cat lipocalin and Can f 1 dog lipocalin. The correlation between the presence of severe asthma and the number of cat allergens, sensitization to three or more cat allergens, to three lipocalin Fel d 4, Fel d 7, Can f 1 is shown. Conclusions. In school-age children with asthma and sensitization to cat allergens, sensitization to uteroglobin Fel d 1 dominates. Sensitization to lipocalin Fel d 7 was detected in 25.81 % of cases. There is a direct correlation between the presence of severe asthma and the number of allergens in cats. The cross-reactivity of cat lipocalin Fel d 7 and the basic canine allergen Can f 1 should be considered. The clinical significance in severe asthma sensitization to three lipoca­lins Fel d 4, Fel d 7, Can f 1 is shown.


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