The man who overcame two epidemics (to the 160th anniversary of the birth of V.A. Haffkine)




V. Haffkine, epidemiologist, cholera vaccine, plague vaccine


The purpose of the publication is an invitation to honor the name of the brilliant epidemiologist Volodymyr (Waldemar) Haffkine (1860–1930), who was born and studied in Ukraine and worked in France, India and Great Britain. The world known scientists who surrounded V. Haffkine in his practices were Ilia Mechnikov, Louis Pasteur, Joseph Lister. Vaccines against cholera and plague developed and introduced into medical practice by V. Haffkine, which saved millions and millions people, are still used today with small modifications. Nowadays, the Haffkine Institute for Training, Research and Testing in Mumbai (India) is actively wor­king in the field of medicine, including the problems of overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic.


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