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No 2.45 (2013) Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis as Primary Immunodeficiency in Children Abstract   PDF (Українська)
L.I. Chernyshova, A.V. Bondarenko, A.P. Volokha, F.I. Lapiy, V.P. Chernyshov, L. Marodi
Vol 13, No 1 (2018) Classic galactosemia: features of diagnosis and treatment Abstract   PDF (Українська)
N.O. Pichkur, N.V. Olkhovych, Ya.I. Doronina
No 8.51 (2013) Classical Antipyretic Therapy Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.E. Abaturov, N.I. Abaturova, Ye.A. Agafonova, Ye.L. Krivusha, L.L. Petrenko
No 8.43 (2012) Clinical, Anamnestic and Microbiological Criteria for Diagnosis of Septic Complications in Children with Purulent-destructive Diseases Abstract   PDF (Русский)
L.F. Pritulo
No 6.57 (2014) Clinical and Anamnestic Features of Pathology of Gastrointestinal Tract in Children with Syndrome of Heart Connective Tissue Dysplasia, Born to Parents Irradiated In Childhood due to the Chernobyl Accident Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
V.G. Kondrashova, I.Ye. Kolpakov, V.Yu. Vdovenko, T.V. Grytsenko, T.V. Shepeliuk, O.N. Studenikina, Ye.I. Stepanova
No 6.66 (2015) Clinical and Diagnostic Features of Bronchial Asthma in Children on the Background of Latent Food Allergy Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
V.M. Levytskyi, E.V. Yurchyshena, O.M. Yurchyshen, L.V. Mysko, Yu.L. Mysko
No 3.46 (2013) Clinical and Diagnostic Peculiarities of Immunological Adaptation in Children of the First Year of Life Suffering from Community-Acquired Pneumonia Abstract   PDF (Русский)
V.S. Oleynik
No 1.52 (2014) Clinical and Echocardiographic Diagnostics of Mitral Valve Prolapse Origin in Children Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
V.O. Kondratyev, N.I. Abaturova, N.G. Porokhnya, O.V. Kunak
Vol 12, No 8 (2017) Clinical and endoscopic features of the upper digestive tract pathology in children and adolescents depending on age Abstract   PDF
L.K. Parkhomenko, L.A. Strashok, E.M. Zavelya, M.Yu. Isakova, A.V. Yeshchenko, Zh.V. Polishchuk
No 3.46 (2013) Clinical and Epidemiologic Peculiarities of Pertussis in Infants Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.B. Nadraga, I.V. Dybas
Vol 13, No 4 (2018) Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of the most common allergy diseases in children Abstract   PDF (Українська)
L.V. Duda, Е.N. Оkhotnikova
No 6.66 (2015) Clinical and Experimental Characteristics of Amizon and Experience of its Use in Clinical Practice Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Yu.V. Marushko, Ye.Ye. Sabadash
Vol 14, No 6 (2019) Clinical and functional portrait of infants with regurgitation syndrome Abstract   PDF (Українська)
S.I. Ilchenko, T.V. Mozheiko, N.M. Kramarenko, N.V. Duplenko
No 3.46 (2013) Clinical and Genetic Aspects of Chronic Pyelonephritis in Children: the Structure of Addiction and Primary Prognosis Abstract   PDF (Українська)
T.O. Kryuchko, V.P. Ostapenko, T.V. Kushnereva
No 5.73 (2016) Clinical and Immunologic Effectiveness of Lizak and Happylor in the Treatment of Acute Pharyngitis in Children Abstract   PDF (Русский)
O.F. Melnikov, Yu.V. Havrilenko
No 8.51 (2013) Clinical and Immunological Aspects of Probiotic Therapy for Chronic HP-Associated Gastritis in Children Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.Ye. Abaturov, О.M. Gerasymenko, N.Yu. Zavgorodnya
No 7.67 (2015) Clinical and Immunological Efficacy of Treating Children with Bronchial Obstruction Associated with Atypical Pathogens Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
M.P. Prokhorova
No 5.56 (2014) Clinical and Immunological Features of Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy for Bronchial Asthma in Children Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
S.M. Nedelska, N.M. Taran
No 7.58 (2014) Clinical and Immunological Features of Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy of Bronchial Asthma in Children Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
S.M. Nedelska, N.M. Taran
No 1.60 (2015) Clinical and Immunological Features of Bronchial Asthma in Children on the Background of Persistent Intracellular Infections Abstract   PDF SUMARRY   PDF (Русский)
O.Ye. Chernyshova
No 2.37 (2012) Clinical and Inflammometric Indices of Respibron Efficacy in Multimodal Therapy of Febrile Seizures in Bronchial Asthma in Children of Preschool Age Abstract   PDF (Українська)   PDF
O.K. Koloskova
No 3.71 (2016) Clinical and Mathematical Model for Predicting the Effectiveness of Physical Rehabilitation in Adolescents with Hypertension Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
Ye.V. Nedelska
Vol 12, No 1 (2017) Clinical and pathogenetic significance of tetanus toxin. Clinical сase Abstract   PDF (Українська)
G.O. Revenko, V.V. Mavrutenkov
No 3.63 (2015) Clinical Case of a Combination of Congenital Heart Disease and Visceral Inversion in an Adolescent Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Русский)
M.P. Limarenko, Ye.V. Bordiuhova, T.V. Smirnova, A.I. Vlasenko
No 5.65 (2015) Clinical Case of a Rare Immunodeficiency — Idiopathic CD4+-lymphocytopenia in Pediatrician’s Practice Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
O.V. Urbas, M.M. Malkovych, A.B. Stefanyshyn, O.A. Holodnykh, O.V. Pastukh, I.B. Parandii, L.V. Lupuliak
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