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No 5.73 (2016) The Peculiarities of Using Direct and Indirect Health Indicators When Evaluating the Dynamics of its Formation Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.V. Berdnyk, N.S. Polka, T.P. Skochko, O.V. Dobrianska, O.P. Rudnytska
Vol 12, No 4 (2017) The place of endogenous antimicrobial peptides in the pathogenetic mechanisms of the development of community-acquired pneumonia caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae among infants Abstract   PDF (Українська)
G.O. Lezhenko, O.E. Pashkova, H.V. Kraynya
No 3.63 (2015) The Place of Probiotics in the Treatment and Prevention of Secondary Acetonemic Syndrome Abstract   PDF (Українська)
H.O. Lezhenko, O.Ye. Pashkova
No 4.47 (2013) The Possibilities of Acute Bronchopulmonary Diseases’ Monitoring Based on Analysis of Expired Breath Condensate Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Yu.V. Odynets, A.F. Ruchko, T.Yu. Cherednikova
No 5.48 (2013) The Priority Tasks of Pediatrics Education and Science in the Health Care Reform Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.K. Tolstanov
Vol 12, No 1 (2017) The problem of effective and safe treatment of acute respiratory infections in children Abstract   PDF (Українська)
T.A. Kruchko, O.Ya. Tkachenko, V.P. Harshman, O.P. Ivanenko
Vol 13 (2018): Supplement 1 Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutritiology The problem of gastroptosis as a manifestation of undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia in the clinical practice of pediatric gastroenterologist Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O.M. Shulhai, A.B. Kabakova, L.A. Klym, A.-M.A. Shulhai, K.T. Glushko
No 2.37 (2012) The Problem of Ingrown Toenail in Children Abstract   PDF (Русский)
I.P. Zhurilo, V.K. Litovka, G.A. Sopov, K.V. Latyshov, I.N. Inozemtsev
No 4.47 (2013) The Problems of Current Vaccinology Abstract   PDF (Русский)
I.V. Bogadelnikov, A.V. Bobrysheva, Ye.А. Kruger, A.V. Ilyin, G.I. Smirnov
Vol 13 (2018): Supplement 1 Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutritiology The provision of vitamin K to the nursing mothers Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.V. Solianik
Vol 13, No 8 (2018) The results of microbiological monitoring for bacterial pathogens of the respiratory tract in children in 2017 Abstract   PDF (Українська)
G.O. Lezhenko, O.E. Pashkova
No 4.55 (2014) The results of prospective multicenter study of the effectiveness of amino acid formula in infants with severe atopic dermatitis and allergy to cow’s milk proteins Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Українська)
S.L. Nyankovskyy, O.G. Shadrin, V.A. Klimenko, D.O. Dobryanskyy, M.S. Iatsula, O.S. Ivakhnenko, S.M. Nedelska, T.V. Kobets, O.M. Ashcheulov, H.A. Haiduchyk, O.P. Paholchuk, O.V. Hostishcheva
No 4.72 (2016) The Role and Place of Magnesium Deficiency in the Development of Vegetative-Vascular Dysfunction in Children Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Yu.V. Marushko
No 5.73 (2016) The Role of Adolescent Therapist in the Preparation of the Defense Potential of the Country Abstract   PDF (Русский)
L.K. Parkhomenko, L.A. Strashok, E.M. Zavelya, M.Y. Isakova, A.V. Yeshchenko
Vol 13 (2018): Supplement 1 Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutritiology The role of adsorbents in the management of diarrhea syndrome in children Abstract   PDF (Русский)
O.Yu. Belousova, L.G. Voloshyna, O.M. Вabadzhanian, O.B. Hanzii, K.V. Voloshyn
No 5.48 (2013) The Role of Asymmetric Dimethylarginine in the Pathogenesis of Hypertension in Children Abstract   PDF (Русский)
N.N. Kaladze, T.Yu. Yanina, N.A. Revenko
No 1.44 (2013) The Role of Autonomic Nervous System in Microcirculatory Disorders in Adolescents with Osteoarthritis Abstract   PDF (Українська)
I.S. Lebets, G.V. Letyago, N.S. Shevchenko, O.V. Matviyenko
No 8.51 (2013) The Role of DNA sensors in Recognition of Pathogen-associated Molecular Patterns of Infectious Agents and the Development of Inflammation. Part 1. Z-DNA-binding Proteins Family Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.Ye. Abaturov, A.P. Volosovets, Ye.I. Yulish
No 1.52 (2014) The role of DNA sensors in recognition of pathogen-associated molecular patterns of infectious pathogens and the development of inflammation. Part 2. HIN-200 proteins Family Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.Ye. Abaturov, A.P. Volosovets, Ye.I. Yulish
Vol 12, No 2 (2017) The role of endogenous antibacterial peptides in pneumonia occurrence among children of young age Abstract   PDF
G.O. Lezhenko, A.E. Abaturov, O.E. Pashkova, H.V. Kraynya
No 6.74 (2016) The Role of Endogenous Antimicrobial Peptides in the Bacterial Colonization of the Nasopharynx in Children with Hyperplasia of the Pharyngeal Tonsil Abstract   PDF (Українська)
G.O. Lezhenko, O.E. Abaturov, O.E. Pashkova
Vol 12, No 4 (2017) The role of genetic nephropathies in the formation of chronic renal failure in children (a clinical observation of a child with acrorenal syndrome) Abstract   PDF (Русский)
M.A. Gonchar, A.S. Senatorova, G.R. Muratov, E.V. Omelchenko, I.M. Galdina, E.M. Pushkar, N.N. Yablonskaya, T.F. Kolibaeva, A.A. Khomovskaya
No 7.50 (2013) The Role of Growth Factors (VEGF, TGF-β1) and Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate in the Formation of Pulmonary Hypertension in Children with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Abstract   PDF (Русский)
A.S. Senatorova, O.L. Logvinova
No 4.55 (2014) The Role of Infectious Inflammatory Processes in the Bronchial Asthma Pathogenesis in Children Abstract   PDF SUMMARY   PDF (Русский)
O.Ye. Chernyshova
No 5.48 (2013) The Role of Leukotrienes in the Development of Broncho-Obstructive Syndrome Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Ye.I. Yulish, O.Ye. Chernyshеva, A.S. Tyurina, V.S. Kolesnikova
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