Vol 13, No 6 (2018)

Table of Contents

Clinical Pediatrics

Calculated estimates of daily energy expenditure as a basis for the substantiation of nutrition standards for young athletes PDF (Українська)
O.B. Plastunova, S.L. Nyankovskyy 545-552
Application of lysozyme and dequalinium chloride in the treatment of acute respiratory diseases of the upper respiratory tract in children PDF (Українська)
O.Ye. Abaturov, O.O. Ahafonova, N.M. Tokarieva 576-584
Effect of the extract of ivy leaves on the production of antimicrobial peptides in acute simple bronchitis in children PDF (Українська)
A.E. Abaturov, N.M. Tokareva, A.A. Nikulina 553-559
Premorbid disorders of pancreatic functional state in children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology PDF (Українська)
T.V. Sorokman, V.G. Ostapchuk 560-564
Modern aspects of the choice of mucoactive cough therapy in pediatric practice PDF (Українська)
L.V. Besh, O.I. Matsyura 565-569
Difficulties in differential diagnosis of atopic dermatitis in children PDF (Українська)
L.V. Besh, O.I. Matsyura, Kh.O. Lishchuck-Yakymovych, R.M. Pukaliak, S.V. Lugovskyi 570-575

Review of Literature

Modern aspects of conservative therapy for urinary incontinence and preservation of renal function in children with spina bifida PDF (Українська)
O.R. Boyarchuk, K.T. Hlushko 602-608

To Help the Pediatrician

Pulmonary interstitial glycogenosis: an independent disease or morphological manifestation of the spectrum of interstitial lung diseases in infants? PDF (Русский)
O.L. Logvinova, M.A. Gonchar 585-587
Clinical manifestations and correction of autonomic dysfunction in children and adolescents PDF (Русский)
T.P. Borysova, A.E. Abaturov 588-594

Case Report

Glycine encephalopathy in newborns and young children: global management standards and a clinical case PDF (Русский)
M.A. Gonchar, O.L. Logvinova, E.M. Pushkar, O.P. Pomazunovskaya, D.A. Ivakhnenko 595-601

Theoretical Medicine

The effect on the availability of manganese and zinc ions for pathogenic bacteria PDF (Русский)
А.Е. Abaturov, Т.А. Kryuchko 609-615
Drug management of oxidation-reduction state of the body in respiratory tract diseases (part 4) PDF (Русский)
A.E. Abaturov, A.P. Volosovets, T.P. Borysova 616-620