Vol 12, No 7 (2017)

Table of Contents

Clinical Pediatrics

Age features of the IgE-dependent food hypersensitivity in children of different ages diagnosed with prick- and patch-tests PDF (Українська)
O.P. Pakholchuk, S.M. Nedelska 749-753
Efficiency of using Canephron® N in the treatment of children with secondary hyperoxaluria PDF (Русский)
T.P. Borysova 754-759
The influence of psycho-emotional stress in children of primary school age on the incidence of recurrent upper respiratory tract infections and the functional state of the myocardium PDF (Русский)
L.S. Ovcharenko, D.N. Sheludko, A.A. Vertegel 760-767
Age dynamics of the allergen-specific IgE level in children with food allergy and pathology of upper gastrointestinal tract PDF (Українська)
T.V. Sorokman, S.V. Sokolnyk, O.V. Makarova, I.Ya. Lozyuk 768-772
The influence of recovery treatment on the immune status of children with recurrent respiratory infections PDF (Українська)
O.I. Lemko, S.V. Lukashchuk, N.V. Vantyukh, M.I. Popadinets 773-779
Health status of young athletes — pupils of the school of physical culture PDF (Українська)
S.L. Nyankovskyy, O.B. Plastunova 780-787
Pompe disease clinical and laboratory diagnostic features PDF (Українська)
N.O. Pichkur, N.V. Olkhovych, T.P. Ivanova, N.V. Samonenko 788-796

Review of Literature

Chronic kidney disease in children (literature review) PDF (Русский)
I.A. Karimdzhanov, N.A. Israilova 832-840
The role of microRNA in diseases of the biliary system PDF (Українська)
A.E. Abaturov, V.L. Babich 841-847

To Help the Pediatrician

Oral provocation tests in pediatrics: indications, risks and therapeutic experience PDF (Українська)
L.V. Besh, O.I. Matsiura, V.P. Bobyk 797-802
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia in children: contemporary diagnosis, consequences and their treatment (update 2017) PDF (Українська)
M.O. Gonchar, G.S. Senatorova, O.L. Logvinova, G.R. Muratov 803-811
Potential value of bacteriocins in the etiological treatment of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract PDF (Русский)
А.Е. Abaturov, Т.А. Kryuchko 812-819
What should pediatrician know about selective IgA deficiency (update 2017) PDF (Українська)
O.L. Logvinova, M.O. Gonchar, O.P. Pomazunovska 820-826
The role of probiotics in the formation of microflora in infants fed with formulas PDF (Русский)
A.E. Abaturov 865-872

Theoretical Medicine

Development of the immune response in pneumonia due to Staphylococcus aureus (part 6) PDF (Русский)
О.E. Abaturov, A.О. Nikulinа 848-859
Nosospecific features of redox processes in cystic fibrosis PDF (Русский)
A.E. Abaturov, A.P. Volosovets, A.E. Khudyakov 860-864


Justification of early neurorehabilitation in neonates PDF (Українська)
L.P. Badogina, O.Yu. Obolonskaya, V.A. Kondratiev, M.V. Shirikina 827-831