No 1.60 (2015)

Table of Contents

Clinical Pediatrics

Novirin Effectiveness in Children with Viral Diarrhea PDF (Українська)
S.O. Kramariov, V.V. Yevtushenko, O.M. Yevtushenko, Ye.A. Maievska, V.V. Babak 9-13
Functional Significance of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphism (rs11204981) in Filaggrin (flg) Gene for the Treatment of Bronchial Asthma in Children with Atopic Dermatitis PDF SUMMARY PDF (Українська)
O.P. Volosovets, V.Ye. Dosenko, S.P. Kryvopustov, O.V. Pavlyk, O.V. Yemets, D.O. Stroi 14-18
Efficacy of the Treatment for Respiratory Diseases in Children Using Bacterial Lysates PDF (Українська)
O.Ye. Abaturov, N.M. Tokareva 21-24
Asthenia in Children with Chronic Viral Hepatitis PDF
I.S. Lembryk 25-28
Gastrointestinal Food Allergy in Children — Pressing Issue at Present PDF SUMMARY PDF (Українська)
O.M. Okhotnikova, Yu.I. Hladush, L.V. Bondarenko, K.V. Mellina, H.M. Fedushka, T.V. Pidvyshenna, Yu.R. Borovyk, T.L. Ukraiinska, N.V. Pidhirna, O.S. Shestakova, O.F. Zarudna, O.M. Hryshсhenko 29-35
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Various Methods of Iron Deficiency Prevention in Infants PDF SUMARRY PDF (Українська)
N.А. Bielykh, N.А. Pluhatarenko, M.V. Bokhan, H.V. Dobrokhotova 36-40
Substantiation for Rational Antibacterial Therapy of Respiratory Bacterial Diseases in Children PDF (Українська)
G.O. Lezhenko, O.Ye. Pashkova 41-46
Experience of Using Immunomodulatory Therapy in Comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Tonsillitis in Children PDF (Українська)
Yu.V. Marushko, T.V. Hyshchak, O.V. Lysovets, Ye.Yu. Marushko 49-54
Prediction of the Individual Risk of Bronchial Obstruction in Acute Bronchitis in Infants PDF SUMMARY PDF (Українська)
O.Ye. Abaturov, O.O. Rusakova 55-60
Efficiency of Vasotropic Therapy in Children with Hypertensive Neurocirculatory Dystonia PDF SUMMARY PDF (Українська)
I.V. Shlimkevych 61-64
Attitude of Health Workers to Immunoprophylaxis and Efficacy of Their Health Education Activities Regarding Active Immunization of the Population PDF SUMARRY PDF (Українська)
O.Ye. Abaturov, O.V. Siedunova, O.O. Agafonova 65-68
Clinical and Immunological Features of Bronchial Asthma in Children on the Background of Persistent Intracellular Infections PDF SUMARRY PDF (Русский)
O.Ye. Chernyshova 69-76
Structural Organization of Innate Immune Factors in Gastric Mucosal Inflammation at H.pylori Infection in Children PDF SUMMARY PDF (Українська)
О.Ye. Abaturov, O.M. Gerasymenko 77-80
The Spectrum of Sensitization in Infants with IgE-Dependent Mechanism of Disease in a Large Industrial Area PDF (Українська)
O.P. Volosovets, S.V. Vrublevska 81-86

Clinical Lectures

The Modern View on Functional Constipation in Infants: Features of Feeding and Principles of Non-pharmacological Correction PDF (Русский)
O.Yu. Belousova 140-148
Listeriosis in Children PDF (Українська)
T.O. Kriuchko 153-159

To Help the Pediatrician

Pathogenetic Reasoning of Administration of Mucolytic Agents for Respiratory Diseases in Children PDF (Русский)
Ye.I. Yulish 89-92
Flatulent Colic and Flatulence in Childhood: Causes and Correction Methods PDF (Русский)
O.Yu. Belousova 93-97
Mucolytic Therapy for Respiratory Diseases in Children PDF (Русский)
Yu.K. Bolbot 98-102
Role of Probiotics in Optimizing the Causal Treatment for Acute Bacterial Rhinosinusitis PDF (Українська)
V.I. Popovych 105-108
Dry Сough in Сhildren: Сauses, Peculiarities of Respiratory Diseases and Treatment PDF (Українська)
Yu.V. Marushko, O.D. Moscovenko 109-114
Topical Therapy of Acute Pharyngitis in Children PDF (Русский)
Yu.K. Bolbot 123-128
Diagnosis, Clinical Picture, Treatment and Prognosis of Coarctation of the Aorta in Children PDF SUMMARY PDF (Русский)
Ye.A. Kalashnikova, N.A. Nikitina, S.R. Halich 129-132
Therapy in Bronchopulmonary Diseases Associated with Increased Secretion of Viscous Sputum and Impaired Mucus Transport PDF (Українська)
Yu.V. Marushko, M.H. Hrachova 135-139

Case Report

A Clinical Case of Louis-Bar Syndrome Associated with Epilepsy in an Adolescent PDF SUMMARY PDF (Русский)
S.I. Ilchenko, Ye.S. Koreniuk, I.H. Samoilenko, V.I. Ivanchenko, N.Yu. Palamarchuk 168-172

Theoretical Medicine

Activated Oxygen-Containing Metabolites of the Human Body in Respiratory Diseases. Generators and Generation (Part 1) PDF (Русский)
A.Ye. Abaturov, A.P. Volosovets, Ye.I. Yulish, O.Ye. Chernyshova 173-180

Infections in Children

Results of the Monitoring for BCG Vaccination Complications PDF SUMMARY PDF (Русский)
S.M. Liepshina, L.V. Skripka, Ye.V. Tishchenko, N.S. Skripka, Ye.I. Yurovskaia 160-162


Intracranial Birth Injury of Newborns PDF (Русский)
T.I. Shevtsova 163-167