No 1.69 (2016)

Table of Contents

Clinical Pediatrics

Choice of Rational Antibiotic Therapy in Children with Bacterial Respiratory Diseases in the Conditions of Increased Antibiotic Resistance PDF (Українська)
H.O. Lezhenko, O.Ye. Pashkova, L.I. Pantiushenko 11-17
Association of Gene Variations POMP, FLG, MTOR and ATG5 gene with the Risk of Asthma in Children PDF (Українська) PDF SUMMARY
O.P. Volosovets, S.P. Kryvopustov, O.V. Pavlyk, O.V. Yemets, D.O. Stroi, V.Ye. Dosenko 18-24
The New Approaches to Improve the Morpho-Functional Readiness for Systematic School Training of Six-Year Old Children with Iron Deficiency PDF (Українська) PDF SUMMARY
S.A. Mokiia-Serbinа, V.V. Chechel 25-29
Efficacy of Chistonos for Children in the Treatment and Prevention of Acute Respiratory Viral Infections in Preschool Children PDF (Русский)
I.V. Dahaieva, O.S. Detsyk 30-33
Clinical Features of Acute Respiratory Viral Infections in Infants with Thymomegaly PDF (Українська) PDF SUMMARY
T.V. Sorokman, S.V. Sokolnyk, M.I. Polishchuk, O.-M.V. Popeliuk 34-38
Clinical Effectiveness and Dose Titration in Pediatric Practice PDF (Русский)
Yu.V. Marushko, Yu.I. Todyka, Ye.Yu. Marushko 41-47
Malnutrition and the Ways of its Correction in Infants with Food Intolerance PDF (Українська)
O.H. Shadrin, T.L. Marushko, T.Yu. Radushinska 55-62
Problems of Somatic Pathology in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders PDF (Українська) PDF SUMMARY
Yu.V. Pakulova-Trotska, S.L. Niankovskyi 63-67
Determination of the Biochemical Activity of N-Acetyltransferase Enzyme, NAT2 Gene Production in Children with Environmental Pathology Following Received Treatment PDF (Українська) PDF SUMMARY
N.R. Kech 68-71
Features of Cytological Profile of Induced Sputum in School-Age Children with Exercise-Induced Bronchial Asthma PDF (Українська) PDF SUMMARY
L.O. Bezrukov, Ye.P. Ortemenka 72-76
Assessment of Nutritional Status of Grade 1–11 Schoolchildren in Lviv PDF (Українська) PDF SUMMARY
S.L. Niankovskyi, I.P. Pasichniuk 77-81
Biopsychosocial Model of Gastroduodenal Pathology in Children PDF (Українська) PDF SUMMARY
O.L. Lychkovska 82-87

Clinical Lectures

Airway Obstruction Syndrome in Children: the Difficult Questions — the Right Decisions PDF (Русский)
O.M. Okhotnikova 88-96
Criteria for Diagnosis and Choice of Initial Antibiotic Therapy of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Children According to Current Standards PDF (Русский)
Yu.K. Bolbot 99-103
Clinical Significance of Excess Lactose in the Diet (part 1) PDF (Русский) PDF SUMMARY
A.Ye. Abaturov, A.A. Nikulinа, Yu.V. Demydenko 104-109

To Help the Pediatrician

Adjuvant therapy of patients with chronic dermatoses using Bedan cream PDF (Русский)
Y.F. Kutasevych, I.O. Oliinyk 110-113
Rational Antibiotic Therapy of Respiratory Tract Diseases in Сhildren PDF (Русский)
S.O. Kramariev 114-118
Viburcol, Engystol, Lymphomyosot — Bioregulatory Approach in Pediatric Practice PDF (Русский)
S.V. Popovych 121-125
Transient Neonatal Diabetes Associated with Chromosome 6Q24 Imprinting Abnormalities. Part 2. Epidemiology, Etiology and Pathogenesis PDF (Русский)
O.Ye. Abaturov, O.L. Kryvusha, V.I. Ivashina, D.V. Lohvinov, S.V. Turova 126-132
Diagnosis and Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Children PDF (Русский) PDF SUMMARY
I.A. Karymdzhanov, H.Kh. Iskanova, N.A. Israilova 133-138

Review of Literature

Intravenous Immunoglobulins: Mechanism of Action and Limitations of Clinical Application in Pediatrics PDF (Русский)
S.O. Mokiia-Serbina 141-147

Questions of Pediatric Surgery, Intensive Care and Resuscitation in Practice of Pediatrician

Surgical Correction of Inguinal Hernias in Children Using Minimally Invasive PIRS Method PDF (Українська) PDF SUMMARY
A.Y. Nakonechnyi, A.S. Kuzyk, R.A. Nakonechnyi 148-151
Diagnosis and Treatment of Inguinoscrotal Hernias in Children PDF (Русский) PDF SUMMARY
O.V. Spakhi, Ye.P. Kopylov, O.P. Paholchuk 152-154

Problems of High School

Peculiarities of Teaching the Topic «Protein-Energy Malnutrition in Children» to English-Speaking Students PDF (Русский) PDF SUMMARY
O.D. Kuznetsova 155-159

Theoretical Medicine

The Mechanism of Action of the Activated Nitrogen-Containing Metabolites in the Respiratory Tract. Proinflammatory Effect (Part 2) PDF (Русский)
O.Ye. Abaturov, O.P. Volosovets, O.Ye. Khudiakov 160-164