Situation in dominant motives of students’ training at the department of propaedeutic pediatrics

S.I. Ilchenko, N.V. Mishina, A.O. Efanova


Currently, the problem of the formation of highly skilled professionals has become increasingly important. Modern society imposes special requirements on a graduate medical school, among which the most important are professionalism, activity and ability to compassion, communication skills through understanding and knowledge of medical ethics and deontology. This is why the training of future specialists is a complicated process determined by many factors in modern education. The problem of the motivation is one of the basic problems in education, and the most important parameter, which determines the effectiveness of the learning process of students, is their personal interest or motivation to study. The third-year students of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy took part in the research. This article reviews the current state of the problem in educational and professional motivation of local and foreign students in the process of learning activities, namely studying the subject “propedeutic pediatrics”. The results of researches on the main, dominant motives of teaching third-year students of Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy were presented; the analysis of the dominant reasons for receiving higher medical education by modern students were analyzed; the degree of importance for each student had been determined. There were found differences between the educational motives of local and foreign students. The results of studying the main groups of motives for students’ vocational training and distribution of these groups of motives by the rank values could serve as a basis for further study aimed at improving the quality of education and students self-development according to their individual, personal qualities, level of educational motives.


motivation; educational motives; student; training activites


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