Anemic syndrome in pediatric practice

Yu.V. Odynets, I.M. Poddubna, N.I. Makeieva


Analysis of 5 cases of anemic syndrome is presented, due to which children were admitted to the hospital. Final clinical diagnoses were as follows: Crohn’s disease, Jaksch-Hayem anemia, acute lymphoblastic leucosis, hiatus hernia and chronic renal disease. These data indicated that any anemia can be observed as a symptom for a variety of diseases that may either be related to the primary damage to the blood system or not depend on it. Based on the data presented, it is concluded that the success of treatment activities and the quality of life of a child with anemia largely depend on the early detection of its cause, and the therapy should not be reduced to restoring the normal level of hemoglobin, but based on an understanding of the pathogenetic mechanisms of hematological disorders in the patient.


anemia; children

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