Features of the inflammatory response in infants with congenital and acquired pneumonia

I.I. Reminna


Background. Congenital infection protection factors are proteins-cytokines, their formation and secretion occurs in response to the presence of the antigen in the body. Objective: to explore the features of the inflammatory response of newborns with congenital and acquired pneumonia in terms of interleukin (IL) 1β and 10. Materials and methods. Clinical and paraclinical examination of 69 term infants with pneumonia were performed. They underwent clinical and paraclinical studies (C-reactive protein (CRP), interleukin 1β and 10 content in the blood serum, X-ray examination of the chest). Results. It was found that the content of ІL-1β in children of group I and II significantly exceeded the indicators of the control group. However, the rate of ІL-1β in children from group I was significantly lower than in children of group II. In children from group II, who required artificial ventilation, IL-10 content was significantly higher compared to those, who did not need artificial ventilation. It was also determined the dependence of ­ІL-1β and IL-10 indicators on CRP levels — the higher the CRP, the lower the level of ІL-1β and IL-10. Evaluation of ІL-1β and ­IL-10 content depending on the localization of the inflammatory process in the lungs showed that with the proliferation of infiltrative changes in the lungs of children from group II, there was an increase in the level of ІL-1β and IL-10, and in children from group I — a reduction. Conclusions. The level of IL-1β in children of group I and II significantly exceeded the levels of the control group, and the IL-10 index — did not. However, the rate of IL-1β in children from group I was significantly lower than in children of group II. It was established the inverse correlation of IL-1β and IL-10 content with the severity of inflammation in the lungs and the level of CRP in the blood serum.


neonatal pneumonia; C-reactive protein; interleukin 1β and 10; X-ray of the chest


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