Comparison of the State of Fetoplacental Blood Flow and Course of Early Neonatal Period in Newborns from Multiple Pregnancy

O.P. Volosovets, A.V. Senatorova, O.O. Riga


The paper shows the characteristics of the fetal circulation, and the neonatal period in infants from multiple pregnancy with dichorial diamniotic twins. It was determined that a characteristic feature of the fetal circulation in them is the increase of systolic and diastolic ratio in the umbilical artery. There is defined the increase of delivery rate with cesarean section, increase in the incidence of Apgar score of less than 6 points on the first minute of life. Half of children in dichorial diamniotic twins, body weight discordance of more than 10 % was detected. Significant differences were detected in the early neonatal period in children from multiple pregnancy due to increased incidence of respiratory distress syndrome.


newborns; multiple pregnancy; body weight discordance; umbilical circulation


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