Molluscum Contagiosum in the Practice of Pediatric Surgeon

V.K. Litovka, I.P. Zhurilo, S.V. Vesyoly, K.V. Latyshov, I.N. Inozemtsev, Ye.V. Litovka, T.O. Burtseva


This paper provides information about molluscum contagiosum in children. Molluscum contagiosum — a benign contagious skin disease that occurs upon contact with patient. Causative agent is a pathogenic epidermotropic virus (molluscum contagiosum virus). In clinical hospital of pediatric surgery named after professor N.L. Kusch for the last 15 years (1997–2012) 116 children were treated for with molluscum contagiosum, their age was from 8 months to 16 years. Females were 60 (51.7 %), males — 56 (48.3 %). The main group of patients (70 %) consisted of patients aged 2 to 5 years. Disease duration ranged from a few weeks to 4–6 months. Diagnosis of the disease is established after studying elements of the rash with the following pathohistological verification. In the presence of unusual or suspicious tumor formations, diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum has been established only after histological examination. In case of the typical elements of the rash, the diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum before operative treatment was established in 102 children. In remaining patients (14 subjects) the presence of papillomas, verrugas or dermatofibroma weren’t excluded. The removal of moluscum contagiosum has been carried out by diathermocoagulation (electrocoagulation) of tumor-like nodules with careful removal of content with the subsequent processing of the alcohol-iodine tincture. Without fail the histopathological study of tissues from removed moluscum has been carried out. In single cells we were using a local anesthetic, by first applying the cream EMLA (22 children) 30–40 minutes before the procedure. In remaining patients general short-term anesthesia had been used. We did not observe complications. Relapses occurred in 6 children. After the rediathermocoagulation recovery occurred. If indicated, all children, regardless of further treatment, were administered systemic antiviral therapy, multivitamins, probiotics, immune modulators. Availability and high efficacy of treatment were proved. The patient with diagnosis of molluscum contagiosum should be isolated from a group of children until full recovery. Prevention of molluscum contagiosum lies in early detection of infection and personal hygiene. Conclusions. Diathermocoagulation of molluscum contagiosum in children is a simple, available and effective treatment mode. Patients with molluscum contagiosum have to be isolated. After crusts falling-off in places of diathermocoagulation application, children can attend kindergarten or school.


molluscum contagiosum; diathermocoagulation; children


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