Comparative Analysis of Different Types of Analgesia in Patients after Surgical Correction of Scoliotic Spinal Deformity


  • M.A. Georgiyants Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education
  • M.I. Voloshin State Institution «Institute of Spine and Joint Pathology named after M.I. Sitenko of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine», Kharkiv



epidural analgesia, scoliosis, surgical treatment


A comparative study of epidural analgesia and anesthesia using opiates after surgical interventions for spinal scoliosis in children has beem carried out. Patients were divided into 2 groups. In the first one postoperative analgesia was carried out by intramuscular injection of promedol, in second one epidural analgesia was used with the constant introduction of ropivacaine. The authors studied the effect of these techniques on hemodynamics, the analysis of the subjective perception of pain by patients.


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Questions of Pediatric Surgery, Intensive Care and Resuscitation in Practice of Pediatrician