Pharmacogenetic Aspects of Airways’ Obstruction Relief Therapy of Bronchial Asthma Attacks in Schoolchildren

L.V. Mikaluk


On the base of a complex examination of 215 schoolchildren who suffer bronchial asthma, there have been established that clinical manifestations of severity of bronchial obstructive syndrome during disease exacerbation do not depend on acetylating status. However, a homozygosity on both alleles of the glutathione transferase gene (GSTT1+M1+) has been connected to greater severity of asthma attacks, while a lack of the T-allele in children with slow acetylating phenotype has been associated with more frequent use of systemic corticosteroids and somewhat better results of airways obstruction relief therapy. Occurrence of GSTT1+M1+ genotype in patients with accelerated processes of acetylation significantly increased the risk of the inefficiency of bronchial obstruction relief therapy (odds ratio 12.4, relative risk — 6.4, the absolute risk — 50 %).


children; bronchial asthma; gene glutathione transferase


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