Estimation of Trace Elements (Iodine and Iron) Content in Breast Milk


  • N.A. Belykh State Institution «Lugansk State Medical University», Lugansk
  • L.I. Korniyenko State Institution «Lugansk State Medical University», Lugansk



iodine, iron, breast milk, infants, nursing mother


The estimation of iodine and iron content in breast milk (n = 88) has been carried out. The study shows that the concentration of iodine and iron in breast milk of the women did not correspond to the physiological needs of an infant. It has been demonstrated that the use of iron-containing vitamin-mineral supplements during lactation has no significant effect on the level of iron in breast milk. The iodine content in breast milk depends on the iodine subsidies. It is shown that the level of micronutrients in breast milk is not affected by the presence of gestational maternal anemia and goiter, due date and place of residence of the family. It is concluded that a statistically significant impact on the level of iodine in the breast milk of combined iodine prophylaxis (acceptance by the mother during lactation drugs potassium iodide (200 mg/day) due to the use of iodized salt).


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