Age Peculiarities of the Course of Functional Biliary Disorders in Children

I.V. Pashchenko


Introduction. Functional pathology of biliary tract is widespread among children of different age. The main signs of functional biliary disorders in children are manifestations of dyspeptic, pain, asthenovegetative and cholestatic syndromes of various intensity. The research objective: to study the peculiarities of the biliary functional disorders in children of different age groups. Materials and methods. There were observed 85 children aged from 3 up to 17 years old with the confirmed diagnosis of functional biliary disorders. The patients’ examination included: anamnestic data, general clinical investigation, laboratory and instrumental studies. Among the examined children 44 children were aged from 3 up to 6 years old, 41 patients were aged from 7 up to 17 years old. Results of the research. The main causes of the disease among children of preschool age were the following: improper feeding (63.6 %), the acute infections of the alimentary system diseases in anamnesis (29.5 %), presence of the chro­nic infection foci (22.7 %). According to the result of the analysis of clinical manifestations there was established that in 88.6 % of children of preschool age hypokinetic functional biliary disorders prevailed, accompanied by persistent not intensive stomach ache and dyspeptic syndrome. Improper feeding (92.6 %), psychoemotional stress (43.9 %), hypodynamia (34.2 %), vegetative deregulation (24.3 %) were the main reasons for the exacerbation of the disease among school children. In 48.7 % of children of school age there were diagnosed pancreatic disorders. Discussion of the research results. Therapeutic correction of functional biliary disorders in children is required to be carried out taking into account that in children of preschool age the hypokinetic functional biliary disorders prevailed, and in children of school age there was more often diagnosed functional pancreatic disorder of Oddi’s sphincter and hyperkinetic functional biliary disorder of Oddi’s sphincter. Conclusions. The consideration of the age features of a course of functional biliary disorders in children contributes to the choice of the best scheme of therapy to improve health condition of a child.


functional biliary disorders; children


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