Vitamin and Mineral Support in Children from Kharkiv Region

T.V. Frolova, O.V. Okhapkina, O.V. Atamanova, O.P Medviedieva


The mineral imbalance and hypovitaminosis significantly affect the level of a child’s health. The objective of the study: the analysis of vitamin and mineral supplementation of schoolchildren. 230 children aged 7 to 17 years underwent comprehensive examination with involvement of different specialty experts. Determination of vitamin content in the blood serum was conducted taking into account the analysis of actual nutrition by high performance liquid chromatography on Varian apparatus. The levels of macro- and microelements in the hair of children were evaluated by characteristic X-ray method on X-ray spectrometer X-Lab 2000. Analysis of the findings showed that nutrition of schoolchildren has 30–40 % energy deficit, which is associated with protein deficiency and excessive intake of carbohydrates (over 20 %) due to simple sugars. The nutrition of all examined pupils had a significant deficiency of vitamins A, B, E, D, and vitamin C. The study of the content of vitamins in the blood serum showed that all children had a deficiency of at least one of the major vitamins, and 73.8 % of children had multivitamins deficiency. It was found that 78.8 % of children had mineral disturbances and imbalance in the ratio of major essential elements. It is established that 66.7 % of children with hypovitaminosis and mineral imbalance in the past medical history had a long period of recovery after acute diseases, and 23.1 % of children had various complications of these diseases.


children; vitamins; minerals; health


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