Experience with Ivy Leaf Extract in the Treatment of Acute Obstructive Bronchitis in Children

Yu.V. Marushko, O.D. Moskovenko


According to the World Health Organization, when analyzing the structure of the causes of visi­ting to the pediatrician or general practitioner — family doctor, about 70 % of cases occur in acute respiratory infections (ARI). Among the child population, their frequency per a child is on average 6–10 cases per year, making ARI one of the most common infectious disease in the pediatric population of the world. Among the acute respiratory diseases in children acute bronchitis and acute obstructive bronchitis are among the most common diseases. The aim of our work was to study the effectiveness of ivy leaf extract in the treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis in children. Research materials. We observed 33 children aged from 4 to 8 years old who were treated for the diagnosis of acute respiratory viral infection, acute obstructive bronchitis. All patients received Pektolvan Ivy in a complex therapy. Results of the study. Complex treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis in children with the inclusion of the Pektolvan Ivy leads to softening of bronchial secretions and facilitating its discharge of on average already on the 3rd day of therapy, that manifested with decreased cough intensity, reduced its productivity and the change of dry wheezing rales into moist rales. Pektolvan Ivy has a satisfactory safety profile for the children. Conclusions. Stu­dies of using Pektolvan Ivy for the treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis showed its effectiveness. The drug can be recommended for wide use in pediatric.


acute obstructive bronchitis; children; treatment


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