Clinical-echocardiographic Diagnostics of Mitral Valve Prolapse Origin in Children

V.A. Kondratiev, N.I. Abaturova, N.G. Porokhnia, O.V. Kunak


With the purpose to determine hemodynamic and morphometric features of mitral valve prolapse of inflammatory and non-inflammatory genesis by means of dopplerechocardiography 34 children ageв of 5–17 years old were observed. The children with mitral valve prolapse of inflammatory genesis significantly more often had myocardium wall thickening and increased myocardium mass that testified to the left ventricle hypertrophy; they more often had prolapse of ІІ–ІІІ degrees; significantly more often had mitral regurgitation of ІІІ degree leading to the development of chronic cardiac insufficiency. In 83.3–94.4 % of cases substantial or sharp increase of ultrasonic density of papillary muscles of the left ventricle was revealed that is not typical for prolapse of non-inflammatory genesis. In all children with mitral valve prolapse increased ultrasonic density of anterior cusp prevailed. Thickening of anterior cusp more than 3 mm significantly more often was observed in children with mitral valve prolapse of inflammatory genesis.


mitral valve prolapse; echocardiography; children.


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