Immune and Genetic Aspects of Anti-Inflammatory Therapy of Acute Obstructive Bronchitis in Infants

O.Ye. Abaturov, O.O. Rusakova


The objective of the study was to improve the treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis in infants by optimizing the anti-inflammatory therapy based on the evaluation of its clinical, immunological and molecular genetic efficiency. Materials and methods. We have carried out a comprehensive examination of 80 children aged 6 months to 3 years with acute obstructive bronchitis. Patients were divided into two groups: children of the first group (n = 40) received systemic glucocorticosteroids, children of the second group (n = 40) were treated with inhaled glucocorticosteroids. Before and after the treatment, in all children we have studied the content of IFN-γ, IL-4 and IL-13 in the blood serum using enzyme linked immunosorbent assay, the concentration of total IgE — by means of electrochemiluminescent immunoassay. The level of expression of the transcription factor NF-κB in peripheral blood lymphocytes was determined using flow cytometry. Results. Transcription factor NF-κB, having almost the same effect on the concentration of IFN-γ and IgE in the blood serum, determines the characteristics of inflammation, mainly local, in acute obstructive bronchitis. Glucocorticosteroid therapy leads to the disappearance of NF-κB influence on the content of proinflammatory cytokines. Inhaled glucocorticosteroids, in addition, help to reduce the concentration of IgE in the blood serum and inhibition of the activity of pro-inflammatory intracellular cascades that, at high clinical efficacy and safety profile, justifies the appropriateness of their use in the treatment of acute obstructive bronchitis in infants as pathogenetic therapy.


acute obstructive bronchitis; immune status; glucocorticosteroids; infants


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