Asthenia in Children with Chronic Viral Hepatitis

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I.S. Lembryk


In the article results of own researches concerning peculiarities of the course of asthenic syndrome in school-aged children with chronic hepatitis B, C and mixed forms are provided. It is established that chronic hepatitis C as well as a mixed hepatitis are accompanied by more evident symptoms of deadaptation and somatogenic asthenia than hepatitis B in which psychogenic manifestations prevailed. The degree of endogenous intoxication was also higher at hepatitis C.

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Lembryk, I. “Asthenia in Children With Chronic Viral Hepatitis”. CHILD`S HEALTH, no. 1.60, Mar. 2016, pp. 25-28, doi:10.22141/2224-0551.1.60.2015.74934.
Clinical Pediatrics
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I.S. Lembryk, State Higher Educational Institution «Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University», Ivano-Frankivsk

Department of Pediatrics


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