Modern Problems of Andrology in Children

V.A. Dihtiar, L.M. Kharytoniuk, M.V. Boiko, M.V. Savenko, A.V. Obertynskyi, O.A. Ostrovska, K.V. Shevchenko


Introduction. Recently, the number of infertile men significantly increased, the factors of this condition are largely related to childhood and adolescence. Objective. To predict the role of surgical interventions in childhood and to develop the measures on prevention of male infertility. Materials and methods. Diagnosis of these diseases includes physical, ultrasound, Doppler examination of the testicles. In abdominal forms of cryptorchidism and agenesis, computed tomography, magnetic resonance therapy, hormone studies and biopsies were carried out. Results. For 3 years, 370 children with cryptorchidism, 490 children with acute testicular diseases and 393 — with varicocele underwent surgeries. There is a trend to late diagnosis and surgeries: 28–38 %. In cryptorchidism, 350 (89 %) surgeries on bringing the testicle down by Petryvalskyi were carried out, as well as 8 staging surgeries. In acute testicular diseases, 592 scrototomies were performed, including 52 due to testicular torsion. The number of children with testicular torsion increased, the number of orchiectomies decreased from 46.5 to 15.4 %. Conclusions. This problem requires active early detection and correction of urogenital pathology, clinical examination and rehabilitation measures to restore the reproductive system. Children, who underwent surgery, require the supervision of pediatric urologist and rehabilitation measures. There is a need to organize andrology service.


children; infertility; treatment


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