Transient Neonatal Diabetes Associated with Chromosome 6Q24 Imprinting Abnormalities. Part 3. Clinical Picture and Diagnostics

O.Ye. Abaturov, L.L. Petrenko, O.O. Yermolaieva, V.A. Yenhovatova, I.A. Uzilevska


The paper presents the characteristics of clinical periods of 6q24-TNDM development: neonatal hyperglycemia, remission and type 2 diabetes mellitus. We present the clinical features of 6q24-TNDM depending on genetic disorders. The article indicated the clinical and laboratory criteria for 6q24-TNDM diagnosis. The methods of modern molecular and genetic diagnosis and the limitations of prenatal diagnosis were described in detail.


neonatal diabetes; clinical picture; diagnosis


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