Peculiarities of Teaching the Topic «Protein-Energy Malnutrition in Children» to English-Speaking Students

O.D. Kuznetsova


The problems that arise during the process of teaching the topic «Protein-energy malnutrition in children» to the English-speaking students are discussed in this article. It highlights the differences in the protocols of various countries, in particular presents the comparative analysis of terminological concepts of hypotrophy, protein-energy malnutrition, undernutrition, stunting, acute, chronic malnutrition, wasting, kwashiorkor, provides anthropometric indicators to assess the severity of inanition (optional use of Mid-Upper Arm Circumference), gives anthropometric criteria to diagnose the severity of protein-energy malnutrition and the group at risk for its development. The article describes the issues of managing patients with severe and moderate malnutrition according to foreign documents, presents the differential table for the choice of treatment of a child with severe malnutrition, highlights the principles, phases and stages of treatment, features of mana­ging patients with the use of products ready for use (ready to use therapeutic food). Analysis of protocol of Ukraine, the World Health Organization, India, Kenya has allowed to adapt me­thods of teaching this topic to English-speaking students.


children; undernutrition; English-speaking students; teaching


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