MicroRNA biogenesis. Part 2. Formation of mature miRNAs. Maturation of non-canonical miRNAs





microRNA (miRNA; miR), maturation of miRNA, Argonaute proteins, RNA-induced silencing complex, review


The scientific review presents the biogenesis of miRNAs. To write the article, information was searched using databases Scopus, Web of Science, MedLine, PubMed, Google Scholar, EMBASE, Global Health, The Cochrane Library, CyberLeninka. The article shows the stages of formation of mature miRNAs. It is noted that duplex RNAs resulting from DICER-mediated cleavage interact with Argonaute (AGO) proteins to form an effector RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC). It is shown that the deficiency of AGO proteins leads to a significant decrease in the amount of miRs, and overexpression of AGO proteins is accompanied by an increase in the level of miRs. The main stages of assembling a fully functional RISC are presented. The first stage is the loading of duplex miRs on AGO proteins. The second stage is the promotion of duplex miRs. Human diseases associated with processing disorders in the cytoplasm of the cell are presented. Numerous alternative mechanisms involved in the formation of functionally active miRs are is characterized. There are three classes of mirtrons: typical mirtrons, 5’-tailed mirtrons and 3’-tailed mirtrons. Endogenous csRNAs resemble Drosha-independent synthetic csRNAs used to experimentally induce gene knockout. Chimeric hairpins of non-canonical miR genes are transcribed in tandem or as a part of another type of small RNA gene. Thus, the formation of mature miRs occurs due to the formation of the RISC complex. The core of the RISC complex consists of microRNA, AGO and protein with a trinucleotide repeat 6. Loading dsRNA on AGO proteins and subsequent promotion of duplex RNA are the main stages of assembly of a fully functional RISC. Disorders of processing in the cytoplasm of the cell are associated with the development of some human diseases. There are alternative mechanisms involved in the formation of functionally active miRs: mirtrons, endogenous short RNAs containing hairpins, chimeric hairpins.


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