Functional constipation in infants in the light of Rome IV criteria. International recommendations

O.Yu. Belousova


As of now, constipation in children, especially in infants, is a common complaint during a visit to a pediatrician and a gastroenterologist. Despite the fact that the current internationally recognized guidelines for the management of these patients have been elaborated, domestic specialists have no consensus regarding the therapy and prevention of constipation in children so far. The article discusses the diagnosis and treatment of functional constipations in children. Recommendations on the diagnosis, comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment of functional constipations in children with the inclusion the laxatives are provided, as well as own observations and experience with the polyethylene glycol 4000 (Macrogol) in the therapy of constipation in children.


functional digestive disorders in children; functional gastrointestinal disorders; functional constipation; children; laxatives


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