Calculated estimates of daily energy expenditure as a basis for the substantiation of nutrition standards for young athletes

O.B. Plastunova, S.L. Nyankovskyy


Background. Features of daily energy expenditure as an indicator of the level of loads and the basis for scientific substantiation of nutrition standards for young athletes — students of physical training schools — remains insufficiently studied. The purpose of the study was to determine the daily energy expenditure, depending on gender, age, sport, duration of training and substantiate the norms of physiological energy requirement of young athletes. Materials and methods. Daily energy expenditure of 1247 students of physical training schools (812 boys and 435 girls aged 12–17 years, representatives of 14 sports) was calculated in accordance with the recommendations of the Food and Agriculture Organization/World Health Organization and groups of foreign experts on the basis of body weight and height. Results. Daily energy expenditure of young boy athletes is generally higher than that of girls, and increases in 13–16 years, in girls — in 13–14 years and depends on the intensity and duration of training. Conclusions. Daily energy expenditure is higher for representatives of rowing, athletics, football and lower in shooters and archers. The norms of physiological energy requirement are substantiated for young athletes depending on gender, age, level of physical activity in different sports and duration of training.


child athletes; daily energy expenditure; physiolo­gical energy requirement


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