Clinical case of retrobulbar abscess in a newborn child




retrobulbar abscess, neonatal age, children


Some rare cases from medical practice are interes­ting for their uniqueness, especially if they have severe complications or atypical clinical course. The retrobulbar abscess is a serious condition threatening child’s life. The main sources of inflammation are periorbital structures, vertical transmission of the pathogen from mother to child. Furthermore, there is a risk of vertical transmission during childbirth or in further close contact, including breastfeeding. The main causative agent of inflammation is Staphylococcus aureus, with possible methicillin resistance (MRSA), and this must be taken into account when deciding on empirical antibiotic therapy. The article presents a case of retrobulbar abscess in a child aged 21 days. The information about clinical observation includes photographs, computed tomography and clinical data and can replenish the knowledge of pediatricians, family doctors, and ophthalmologists.


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