Molecular-genetic concept of the formation of psychological type in children with obesity associated with lactose intolerance

A.E. Abaturov, A.A. Nikulina


Background. The purpose of the study was to determine the association of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) in the lactase gene (LCT) with the development of obesity in children based on the study of personal and reactive anxiety (Spielberger-Khanin test) and quality of life assessment (MOS SF-36). Materials and methods. Genotyping was performed on a polymorphic enhancer of the gene MCM6 (minichromosome maintenance complex complex 6) encoding the expression of the LCT gene in 62 children aged 12–18 years with different forms of obesity. The first group (n = 31) included children with recessive allele C/C 13910 polymorphism rs4988234. The second group (n = 31) consisted of children with dominant homozygous allele T/T 13910 or heterozygous allele C/T 13910. Results. There was a 6-fold increase in the incidence of the C/C 13910 genotype in children with severe obesity (body mass index (BMI) > 97th percentile). The presence of a high level of personality (46.5 ± 0.4) and an average level of reactive anxiety (33.2 ± 0.9) in children with genotype C/C 13910 was proved, as compared to a moderately high level of personality (37.5 ± 0.8) and low reactive anxiety (24.3 ± 0.8) in patients with genotypes C/T and T/T 13910 (p < 0.05). The results of the quality of life assessment in adolescents with obesity were characterized by a deterioration in the level of the physical component of health in the genotype C/C 13910, namely in young men — due to a decrease in the parameter of a role-related functioning determined by the physical condition, in girls — due to the decrease in the general level of the health (p < 0.05). Conclusions. Thus, the study of single-nucleotide polymorphisms in the LCT gene (rs4988234) revealed associations of the C/C 13910 genotype with severe forms of abdominal obesity in children (BMI > 97th percentile), increased anxiety and decreased quality of life assessment due to the physical component of health, that can be used in the modeling of behavioral intervention and require a possible substitution treatment with exogenous lactase preparations.


single nucleotide polymorphism; obesity; lactose intolerance; psychotypes; children


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