Infant colic as a periodic syndrome can be associated with migraine

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L.V. Pypa
R.V. Svistilnik
G.S. Moskovko
Y.N. Lysytsia


The article presents the analysis of current data on the etiology and pathogenesis of infant colic development. Recent studies show the relationship of infantile colic with migraine. Since the typical migraine development can be preceded by certain paroxysmal conditions, called episodic childhood syndromes, the research results prove that infant colic can be one of the episodic syndromes that can be associated with migraine. In connection with new views on the development of infant colic, the possible prospects for further research, as well as diagnostic and treatment strategies are considered.

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Pypa, L., R. Svistilnik, G. Moskovko, and Y. Lysytsia. “Infant Colic As a Periodic Syndrome Can Be Associated With Migraine”. CHILD`S HEALTH, vol. 12, no. 3, June 2017, pp. 376-81, doi:10.22141/2224-0551.12.3.2017.104230.
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